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Product Spotlight - February 2012


Product Spotlight - Mezzanine Satin Pearl Eye Shadow

Many of our products have a small story behind them. Mezzanine is one of these products.

When I was in high school our gymnasium had a loft-type area above the rest of the gym. This area was always full of these huge mats that are meant to cushion your fall when practicing gymnastics. They were really big... almost like a bed mattress and they were always made of the same vinyl-type material in a shiny dark blue. Mezzanine was formulated based on the color of the mats in this mezzanine area. Whenever I think of Mezzanine, it brings back great memories of high-school fun.

Right now you can add a full size or refill kit size of Mezzanine to your order for only $5.00!

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