smoky plums

smoky plums


plum base Incense - plum base eye shadow
muted plum.
plum crease Carbon Paper - plum crease eye shadow
rich plum.
plum liner Nightshade - plum liner eye shadow
dramatic plum.

Smoky shades specifically formulated to make your natural eye color pop. The smoky eye is a must-have fashion accessory and there is no better way to accent your natural eye color than to surround it in shades that are the opposite of your eyes. Buff'd has put together six fantastic eye shadow collections aimed at making your eyes stand out: Smoky plums for green eyes; Slate blues for brown eyes; and Soft browns for blue eyes. Now available in Satin Pearl and Velvet Matte.

Eye Shadows: 7 grams volume/2 grams weight.
To order samples of these shades, please see them under Eye Shadows.

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