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Newsletter - February / March 2009

New Setting Powder and Finishing Powder Shades!

New Setting Powder and Finishing Powder Shades We have added many new shades to both our Setting Powder and Finishing Powder collections!

In an effort to give clients more choice Buff'd has formulated numerous new Setting Powder and Finishing Powder shades.

Setting Powder Shades Now available in 12 fabulous shades Buff'd Mineral Setting Powders have unbelievable matting and oil absorption powers, making them a must-have for those with combination to oily skin. These light-as-a-feather powders, formulated with just a hint of kaolin clay, will never dry out your skin making them suitable for all skin types.

Finishing Powder Shades With an even greater range of shades to choose from than ever before, Buff'd Mineral Finishing Powders are specifically formulated for those clients with normal to dry skin. Made with feather-light mica minerals these super soft powders provide slight oil absorption while not drying out your skin.

Sample sizes of all our powdered minerals are available for order through our website and they come with free shipping to all destinations.

New Color Corrector Shades!

We all get them but we don't want them... dark tired eyes.

Buff'd has formulated several new under-eye Under-Eye Concealers Color Corrector shades for those with fair and dark skin tones and everyone in between.

Formulated with a base of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide our new under-eye concealers apply super smooth while the slight golden tint provides substantial coverage for even the most stubbon under-eye darkness.

These powders may be applied dry or for the heaviest coverage they may be mixed with a small amount of water and applied with a blending brush. Buff in your favorite Mineral Foundation shade as usual.

We have also softened up the rest of our Color Corrector collection. Now similar in Color Correctors formulation to our Light Mineral Foundations, these correcting powders apply semi-transparent with just enough color to balance discoloration and brighten dull tired skin.

We are always looking for new shades to formulate. If you have a particular color that you are looking for please let us know. Our next new shade just might be yours!

New and Improved Mineral Bronzer Formulation!

Our Mineral Bronzers are now made with a base of Titianium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide - similar to our Mineral Blushes.

We wanted to ensure that all our mineral products were as pure as they could be so that all clients can benefit from their use. New Bronzers Discontinuing cornstarch as an ingredient in all our powdered minerals brings us one step closer. We realized that many clients have sensitivities and allergies to organic ingredients such as cornstarch. Eliminating these ingredients will help ensure that our products will work for those clients with even the most sensitive skin.

This new formulation will allow for a New Bronzers smoother application and appearance giving skin an inner warmth and that just-tanned look without risking the burn and other harmful effects of the sun.

If you happened to love our previous Mineral Bronzer formulations we will still have them available for you. Please feel free to email us for more details.

Foundations Go Custom!

We wanted to remind clients that we have added a new Custom Mix foundation option to our Mineral Foundations category.

Custom Foundation For those clients who find that their skin tone falls in between shades you may now request a custom mix of up to three colors. Simply add the custom mix to your cart and let us know which shades and what percentages of those shades you would like in the comments section when completing your order. And you may even custom mix formulations too! Example: 50% Cream Original, 25% Warm Light, 25% Chamois Original.

Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics are made with the finest minerals and pigments, oils and waxes, and natural preservatives and fragrances - all free of irritants and toxins.